Athlete of the MonthSeptember

Steve C.

With lots of wit, charm, compassion and random facts, Steve’s a great guy to have in your corner!

If you’re ever looking for an extra hand, or someone to lend an ear, brewery recommendations or where you can find delish food, he’s your guy. With lots of wit, charm, compassion and random facts, Steve’s a great guy to have in your corner!

1. What’s your athletic background?

–       I grew up playing soccer and rollerblading, mostly.  In high school, I ran track and cross country and picked running back up again in my 20s and earlier 30s.

2.   When did you start working out at CrossFit Osiris?

–       I started back in summer of ’21

3.   What keeps you coming back?

–       I love easy questions!  The coaches and each of the other athletes!  All y’all are fantastic people—especially the #ammayhem crew!

4.   If you could write the WOD, what would it be?

–       I’m pretty sure we’ve already done one of these…cardio.  All of the cardio!!  I like the one from a couple weeks ago where we kicked out a couple one milers in there….and mix in some box jumps (sorry Emily, Sara, and Kim!) and doubles/singles

5.   What are some of your goals, fitness or personal?

–       Get stronger, stay trim/lean-ish, and be able to eat/drink whatever I want

6.   List one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CrossFit.

–       I’ve gotten stronger (always fun to be able to write your name on the white PR board—adding to it is fun too!)

–       Exercise/activity first thing allows me to

7.   How do you like to spend your free time?

–       I like discovering new breweries/cider spots/distilleries/etc, keeping in touch with friends, checking out new waterfalls and trails

8.   What’s your favorite cheat meal?

–       Pizza—deep dish/Chicago-style is fantastic (I’m a super snob) with more than just cheese as the topping

9.   What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit?

–       It’s a great choice

10. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

–        May or may not be a nerd.  Happy September, y’all!

11. How often do you attend?

–       5 times a week or so–usually

12. What class do you typically attend?

–       AM Mayhem for the win!! (5:30 AM)

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