Quinny & Bane Biernat

Heads of Security
Quinny & Bane Biernat


  • Entertainers
  • Lovebugs
  • Mood Boosters
  • WOD Therapy


You’ll see us two mutts up at the box every so often as we engage and provide top notch love and entertainment pre and post WODs.

Stretching or foam rolling on the floor, you are subject to Banes endless kisses as he is always eager provide constant attention when you’re on his level.  Even if you’re relaxing on the couch, he will make space for himself, on or beside you, so be ready for cuddling.

Quinny, being the older sister of Bane, will show you her toys, but isn’t the best retriever after the first couple throws.  She’ll sit on your feet, or roll on her side for you to rub her belly until you’re ready to leave or head to the white board for your class.

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