Nick Nesgoda

Nick Nesgoda


  • L1 Certified
  • CPR Certified


Growing up I played a variety of different sports which mainly included Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Weight Training. After “School Sports” were done, I was looking for something to apply my competitive self to. I then out some time in at your typical Global Gym and did a lot of “bro workouts” which got my in shape… or so I thought.
I then was introduced to CrossFit in January of 2013 by my good Friend Devon and had a rude awakening. I learned real quickly that I had severely lacked strength and endurance while grasping for air on the ground after my first WOD. Ever since that point I was hooked. I have learned so many valuable life lessons from my time of doing CrossFit. My work ethic and perspective on life has changed tremendously – if you want something you have to go work for it. None of what I learned would have been possible without the community of Coaches and other Athletes which is why I find joy in coaching


Favorite movement or WOD?
My favorite movement is by far the Snatch. It was easily the most frustrating movement for me for the longest time, but now it has become my favorite.
Least favorite movement or WOD?
My least favorite WOD is Fran – Thrusters suck.
What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
Hunting and Fishing are by far my favorite activities outside of CrossFit.
Finish with a joke.
What is Forrest Gumps password? 1Forrest1 HAHA Get it!!??

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