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RayLynn Coffey


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I was born and raised in the Lone Star State (TEXAS) but have lived in the northern hemisphere since I was 18. Growing up I did EVERYTHING. Volleyball, basketball, powerlifting, softball, band, debate, etc.… you name it, I did it.   I am competitive to a fault! Even if we are doing something that is not a competition, I will make it a competition. Right out of high school I went into the Air Force and was stationed Wyoming. Not having something competitive to transition into was ROUGH! When I got out of the military, I moved to Minnesota (I was tricked into moving here. Feel free to ask about it) and became a crazy cat lady.

I started going to a gym that had group fitness class. If I couldn’t be competitive, at least I could workout with a group! Soon after discovering that, I got certified as a group fitness instructor. I started meeting people talking about CrossFit.  I had the opportunity while deployed to try CrossFit but it had a negative connotation with it so I never even gave it a 2nd look, but everyone was talking about how great it was.  I went to one class, and I was HOOKED. It was everything I had been missing! Competition, community, and a whole lot of fun.

Through CrossFit, I have found a new love of competition all over again and MY people. My only regret is not getting into it sooner!  It’s never too late to find what you love and sometimes that means trying it out for yourself and NOT believing everything you read on the internet.


Favorite movement or WOD?
Heavy Jerks! Or anything going overhead. I’ve got shoulders like a linebacker and know how to use them.
Least favorite movement or WOD?
Anything with gymnastics. It’s a HUGE weakness for me and I am continuing to work on it until it becomes my favorite.
What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
Be outside if it is warm! Take the corgi to a brewery, drink on a patio, go camping, sit on the porch and read a book. Be inside with the Jon Snow (my cat) and the dumpster babies binge watching shows if its cold.
Finish with a joke.
Why do dogs make terrible dance partners? – They’ve got two left feet!

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