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Sara Wolf


Growing up I did everything to get out of gym class; I wasn’t an active kid or teenager.  Health and fitness was a foreign concept to me, truly. In my early 20’s I attempted to run occasionally and later 20’s I joined a large gym, by myself.  It was the typical, I didn’t know what I was doing, definitely didn’t put in a lot of effort, lacked consistency, and wasted a lot of money with unused membership dues.  In July 2013 a friend posted on Facebook about going to a “boot camp” class and I messaged her. I showed up to some guy’s house on a Saturday morning with a group of girlfriends, not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t ever even heard of CrossFit before.  From the moment I started, I fell in love. So at the age of 31, with zero fitness background, married, three kids, a dog, and full-time job, I added CrossFit to my list of priorities. I love the workouts (who says that about working out?!), it has stirred a lot of changes in me mentally/physically/emotionally, and the community of people are incredible. I have learned that I am competitive, but it’s the people of the CrossFit community that inspire, motivate, challenge, and cheer me on (along with my family) to do things I never thought imaginable.  It sounds cliché, but coming from a mom of three kids, with all the “normal” demands of having a home, family, and career, if I can make it work and survive the workouts, I really believe anyone can – once they let go of their excuses and are ready to work on themselves.


Favorite movement or WOD?
I like WODs with burpees, box jumps, running, power cleans, and a small number of pull-ups.
Least favorite movement or WOD?
Pressing any weight above my head!
What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
I love watching Netflix, eating Mexican or Chinese food, finding the best burger around, Saturday night church, running with friends, and cheering my kids on at their activities.
Finish with a joke.
I’m the one who doesn’t get jokes. Get it? You tell me one and I just don’t get it OR it’s a 5 minute delay ;)

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