Vanessa Biernat

Owner and Head CrossFit Trainer
Vanessa Biernat


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CPR Certified


I was graced with a competitive spirit since birth. I was a 3 sport athlete all through High School, I was a collegiate athlete on the Women’s Soccer team in Arizona and finishing my soccer career at UW – River Falls. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 after I finished my football season with the LFL as an MN Valkyrie.  I’ve been involved in sports all my life, but being a CrossFit athlete has been the most life-changing for me.
CrossFit has prepared me for so much more than just being physically fit. It’s taught me more in the last 4 years since being involved in team sports since the age of 5. Not only do I have the honor to change people’s lives, everyone I’ve met in my CrossFit journey has changed mine as well.


Favorite movement or WOD?
My favorite movement is the deadlift. I love picking heavy stuff up and putting it down (safely of course).
Least favorite movement or WOD?
Snatches… Balance and Coordination are important with this movement, and both of those I continue to work on… It’s quite the process.
What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?
I LOVE to golf. My husband Brandon and I go as frequently as we can. I also love to head to local breweries and wineries to quality check their products!
Finish with a joke.
“What did the Baby Corn ask the Mama Corn?” “Where’s Pop Corn??” Side note… I LOVE popcorn.

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