What is Friday Night Lights?

What’s All this Talk About the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition comprised of five challenging workouts released over five weeks. Scores are ranked regionally and worldwide. Top athletes in the Open come one step closer to a chance at making the Reebok CrossFit Games. In other words, The Open is a playoff series in route to find the fittest people on earth.

Sounds exciting and intimidating all at the same time, doesn’t it? The best news – Crossfit Osiris will be hosting a special event each week so you, yes you, can also participate in the workouts released.

For those of you who are new to The Open, or those who have competed before, I’ve put together a few reasons why you should participate in this year’s CrossFit Open.

  1. It’s a personal challenge. Sure, The Open ends with finding the fittest alive, but it begins with people from all over the globe giving it their all. There are options for all levels: scaled, as Rx, and everything in between. Each week we’re presented with movements, some arranged in ways we may never have faced before. And so, this format gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves in ways we have never done before. Let’s face it, we can’t all be the fittest alive – nor is that the goal for many of us. We can, however, be the best versions of ourselves. And in facing a challenge like The Open, we better ourselves in ways only pushing our limits can provide.
  2. It’s a motivating tool. Because each workout is standardized and tracked, it’s an easy way to measure yourself from year to year. Will you get that pull-up this year? Or how about that muscle up you’ve been striving for? Everyone likes progress. It’s rewarding to look back at what you’ve done in the past and find where you’ve improved over time.
  3. It’s a lot of fun! At Osiris, we’ve setup our in-house event called “Friday Night Lights” to throw-down the prescribed workout each week. Aside from individual goals and achievements, this event brings together our best supporters – each other – to complete and cheer alongside one another. This event is community by every definition of the word. Each athlete completes the workout at their own level (did I mention at their own level?) with an individual judge and a room full of encouragement. From personal experience, it’s an unmatched feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment. The workout may be intense, but the environment is like no other.

The only way to truly experience The Open and to gain all of its benefits is to experience it yourself. It’s challenging, it’s motivating and most importantly it’s a lot of fun – we hope to see you at the upcoming Friday Night Lights!

-Coach Andrew

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