Morning CrossFit Kids Session - Ages 7-13


Morning CrossFit Kids Session - Ages 7-13

A variety of games are used to focus on basic physical skills!

Classes run for 4 week sessions!


Encompassing all the activities that kids naturally enjoy and movements that allow this age group to optimize their physical ability.  Our Kids CrossFit class provides a fitness program that is safe, fun and energetic.

Helping our youth be the best versions of themselves is our main goal.  That includes learning to follow directions, be a great listener, a better communicator, and learning how to play with others.  Each class includes game play and positive reinforcement. Your child’s confidence, both physically and mentally, will grow with each class.  Just wait and see!

Each class is 60 min and includes white board, warm-up, skill work and game time!
Upcoming New Year Session – Enrollment Open Now!

Next Morning Session: 1/6 – 1/29
Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10:30am – 11:30am!

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