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Jason J.

Jason is CrossFit Osiris' "Fun Committee" and does a phenomenal job planning and executing events throughout the year!  We appreciate how he is an integral part of bringing people together!

Jason Jacob is our October Athlete of the Month!  He’s one of the busiest people you’ll ever meet.  Jason is CrossFit Osiris’ “Fun Committee” and does a phenomenal job planning and executing events throughout the year!  We appreciate how he is an integral part of bringing people together!  You’ll often find a pile (not kidding) of sweat where he works out, because he literally gives it everything he has, every time!  Jason has an amazing wife and two kids that he adores.  We’re excited for you to learn more about him throughout the month!

1.  What’s your athletic background? 

Always played sports, everything
from soccer to basketball to tennis and track although soccer was my
primary sport.  Played Division 1 soccer at The University of Tulsa and
still continue to play today, just slower.

2.  When did you start working out at CrossFit Osiris? 

About 8 years ago when this guy named Devon moved his business into my facility and since
they were getting their sweat on the opposite of my office wall, decided
to give it a go and have been doing it ever since.

3.  What keeps you coming back?

It is not how much you sweat, but who you
sweat with.  CrossFit Charis and Osiris have provided quality for both
with lots of variety, lots of sweat and many great people – some of which
are now family.

4. If you could write the WOD, what would it be?

Anything without the bike or overhead squatting.  I enjoy the ones that have a little weight and
gymnastics in them.  The “Jason” WOD I used to do was a 10-1 of handstand
pushups and toes to bar with 25 double-unders at the start of each round.

5. What are some of your goals, fitness or personal?

Balance or as I say, burn some calories to enjoy some calories.  As I approach the half century
mark, I want to be able to enjoy the things I do while sometimes
pretending I can keep up with those slightly younger than me.  I do plan
to compete again in 2021.

6. List a few improvements you’ve seen in your life since starting

For me it is really about not going to far backwards with my
fitness level – having had 6 knee and ankle surgeries between age 18 and
23 (including an ACL and full ankle reconstruction) not letting those
things catch up to me is important.  Without Crossfit, I am pretty sure
the mobility (which is far from good), strength and ability I have to do
certain things that I have now would have deteriorated significantly.

7.  How do you like to spend your free time?

Anything that involves family and friends, a cold beverage and something good to eat.

8. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Plenty of options thus the burn calories to consume calories comment.

9. What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit?

It is ultimately about the community and the coaches which we are blessed to
have an amazing group of both.  Regardless of where you are at or where
you are hoping to get to, it is a fantastic place to start.

10.  Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

Me and my wife will celebrate 25 years of marriage and both turn 50 between June 2021 and
January 2022, so 2020 will be a great year to put behind us and focus on a
much less challenging 2021.

11.  How often do you attend?

Currently on a pretty good streak of 6 days a week.

12.  What class do you typically attend? 

Wherever work allows – usually nooners or 5:30 am, but throw in some evenings when I get a chance.

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