Athlete of the Month

December 2022

Amanda T.s success story

Amanda T.

Our December Athlete of the Month is Amanda Thilquist! Amanda is an oncology nurse navigator for Abbott Northwestern by day, specifically working with esophageal and gastric cancer patients. She is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization, Perio...

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November 2022

Raven J.s success story

Raven J.

Our November Athlete of the month has always been athletic, starting and sticking with Cheerleading as her sport of choice for most of her life. You can see that cheerleader in her as soon as she walks through the doors each day with a big smile on her ...

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October 2022

Stephen L.s success story

Stephen L.

You know when you see him walk into our noon class, he is going to challenge himself to lift heavier and move faster, all with a smile! What’s your athletic background? I have always been active with golf, baseball/softball, and motorsports, but I...

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September 2022

Steve C.s success story

Steve C.

If you’re ever looking for an extra hand, or someone to lend an ear, brewery recommendations or where you can find delish food, he’s your guy. With lots of wit, charm, compassion and random facts, Steve’s a great guy to have in your corner! 1. Wh...

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August 2022

Christy Cs success story

Christy C

The realest of real athletes this month, Christy, a massive supporter of anything cardio (hahaha), knows there will always be ups and downs in health and wellness journeys. Going through all the peaks and valleys herself, she's navigated a lot to get her ...

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July 2022

Derejes success story


What’s your athletic background? In high school, I played soccer and basketball and even did track as a sprinter for one season. When did you start working out at CrossFit Osiris? My introduction class was in November of 2021 and I have not...

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June 2022

Emily Hs success story

Emily H

Member Spotlight : the woman who can do it all, Emily Hawkinson! Not only is she a beast in 'the box' she's a beast out doing life. If you don't find her at Osiris, you're sure to find her running ragged all over the north metro, on the soccer or lacros...

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May 2022

He’s an incredible human, has a beautiful smile, soft heart, and dedicated mind.s success story

He’s an incredible human, has a beautiful smile, soft heart, and dedicated mind.

Jason - a husband to Kelly of 18 years. A dad to Akala (18), Gavin (15). A hard working Technology Consultant. A man who puts in effort. Happy to help. Ok being in the back. And who just has a wonderful demeanor about him. We love seeing him & hi...

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April 2022

Chrissa Ss success story

Chrissa S

Her smile! It goes from ear to ear and emits such joy and sunshine (see below). -You ever doubt yourself? Don’t worry - she’ll make you believe it’s possible. And the more you doubt the more she’ll encourage and push you to believe with such moti...

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March 2022

Tim F.s success story

Tim F.

Tim (proud smiling papa in back!) has been a CrossFit Athlete since 2018 and has been working out with us at CrossFit Osiris since January of 2020! Besides getting in a great workout, what keeps him coming back, day after day, are the people and ...

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February 2022

Amies success story


Meet our February athlete, Amie Beckel! She might have one of the best answers yet: read the last one! Osiris is right down the road from Muddy Cow and it's the “running” joke; perhaps it has really happened She's a part of the evening crew, who is ...

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January 2022

Rory C.s success story

Rory C.

We are SO excited for you to meet our January athlete, Rory Connolly! To get us started meet his lovely family; beautiful wife Casey of 4.5 years and his sweet baby girl, CeCe who’s 11 months old! He’s a busy working husband & dad, but shows up wi...

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December 2021

Madi C.s success story

Madi C.

You'll always see a big smile on her face and an occasional eye roll when she's around him. We are so proud of Madi! Showing up consistently with a good attitude and such tender kindness goes a long way.   List one or two improvements you have ...

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November 2021

FRED M.s success story


  What’s your athletic background? That is soccer. I played that from a very young age on the street, and joined a club when I was 8 years old. I played until somewhere in my thirties. Becoming to prone to injuries made me stop. Then I ...

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October 2021

Cristyna M.s success story

Cristyna M.

Our Athlete of the Month was born and raised in Guatemala and grew up with all the custom traditions of her heritage. She has no kids but adores her nieces and nephews. Cristyna is an interpreter (Spanish/English) – for medical appointments, schools, ...

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September 2021

Chris W.s success story

Chris W.

1. What’s your athletic background? Prior to CrossFit, I’ve never considered myself an “athlete”. I played intramural sports in high school (baseball) and college (softball, football), and I played in a Men’s 6 on 6 Flag Football league for 5...

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August 2021

Desiree A.s success story

Desiree A.

Desiree Alexandra! Excited for you all to learn about her this month. Her beauty shines bright, her commitment to herself worth applauding, and her determination doesn't go unnoticed. She's kicking butt inside and outside of the gym! 1. What’s ...

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July 2021

Cory P.s success story

Cory P.

Cory Polta! Excited for you to learn all about this big-hunk-of-an-athlete because he kicks butt at all he does! Hot days like today? You’re guaranteed to find him on a lake on his boat with friends! Learn more below: What’s your athletic b...

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June 2021

Amanda Bs success story

Amanda B

She's the heartbeat of her family and of our 5:30 a.m. CrossFit crew. How do you spot Amanda? Look for the funky pants or tank, killer arms, and a smile brighter than the sun. We look forward to having you learn all about her this month! What’s...

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May 2021

Eric P.s success story

Eric P.

Meet Eric, our May Athlete of the Month! Eric may be a little quieter than others and stays in his own lane, but he is a boss! He shows up to dominate, even though he doesn't realize it. You will notice a charming smile, quick wit, and humbleness that m...

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April 2021

Kelly L.s success story

Kelly L.

I’m really excited to have our athlete of the month introduce herself. You will be in awe as you learn about her this month. She’s a true representation of a sweet & awesome human being! Hi my name is Kelly, and I am deeply in love with t...

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March 2021

Brian G.s success story

Brian G.

We love celebrating our members in all they do, BUT the ones who serve our country we will always hoot-n-holler a little louder for them - shout out to our Athlete of the Month, Brian Giller!! He's been consistent & regular, quiet & fierce for ...

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February 2021

Joanne G.

Our February Athlete of the Month is one tough woman! Wow. From the moment she stepped foot through our doors, her laugh and determination could be seen and heard across the room. The strength she has is natural. Her joy radiates. Her smile shines. Her lo...

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December 2020

Isaac A.s success story

Isaac A.

He's a founding member at CrossFit Osiris and definitely puts in hard work to reach his goals. His consistency pays off and motivates others. We love having him a part of our community and love cheering him on inside and outside of the gym. Wha...

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November 2020

Caitlin H.s success story

Caitlin H.

Meet Caitlin, our November Athlete of the Month! Being a busy, working mom with three kids, she's someone who could have plenty excuses, but she's consistent and makes none.  She understands what it means to put herself first and be a good...

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October 2020

Jason J.s success story

Jason J.

Jason Jacob is our October Athlete of the Month!  He's one of the busiest people you'll ever meet.  Jason is CrossFit Osiris' "Fun Committee" and does a phenomenal job planning and executing events throughout the year!  We appreciate how he is an integ...

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September 2020

Raylynn C.s success story

Raylynn C.

What’s your athletic background? I played volleyball, basketball, softball, track in high school. I dabbled in boxing in the Air Force, and I have been teaching group fitness classes for the past 5 years.   When did you start working out at C...

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August 2020

Josh W.s success story

Josh W.

Raise your hand if you're a dad and let your daughter paint your nails? Well, our Athlete of the Month for August loves his children so much he plays dress up with his youngest! Can you say, "awe!" Besides being a family man, with a wife and two kids th...

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July 2020

Dolores V.s success story

Dolores V.

What’s your athletic background? I was an athlete in high school and played fast pitch softball in college When did you start working out at CrossFit Osiris? In 2017 What keeps you coming back? All the great people and coaching sta...

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June 2020

Steve J.s success story

Steve J.

Now that we're OPEN, our Athlete of the Month is back at it! We're so excited to see his face inside the gym crushing his workouts. It's summer, so it means it's officially camping season, which is something he and his family do regulary. Nothing better t...

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May 2020

Danielle L.

Over the next month we want you to get to know our Athlete of the Month - Danielle Lowen! When her picture pops up on your screen you won't help but smile, because she has her own smile that glows. Her love of our community and each athlete is known. She ...

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April 2020

Joe S.s success story

Joe S.

Meet Joe! Our Athlete of the Month for April. This guy right here, wow is he funny and quick witted. He puts 100% effort into everything he does. He’s someone that pushes others at the box and emits so much positivity. You need something? He’ll be the...

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March 2020

Maddy K.s success story

Maddy K.

Meet Maddy, our March Athlete of the Month! This smile says a 1000 words  She is sweet, LOVES travel, her family and is inquisitive! When Maddy first started CrossFit, she soaked up every piece of information, asked questions and wanted to know everythi...

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February 2020

Josh H.s success story

Josh H.

Our Athlete of the Month for February is probably our most ADVENTUROUS ATHLETE – Josh Houska! Trust me, you’ll want to read his answers to see the thrills he’s had. At the end of this month he will start his climb of Mt Rainier! Wait though, he...

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January 2020

Heather F.s success story

Heather F.

Meet Heather Ferris – our Athlete of the Month for January! Ferris makes sure our ‘box’ stays clean and keeps the germs away. She has the best laugh, cheers on others like they’re her best friend and is the best babysitter around. Just be careful ...

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December 2019

Eric L.s success story

Eric L.

Meet our Athlete of the Month for December, Erik Loftsgaarden ! This guy loves music, his family/friends and burpees! Well that last one he’s learning the love/hate relationship with them. He is kind, attentive, funny and motivated! 1. What’s your ...

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November 2019

Heather W.s success story

Heather W.

It’s time for our November Athlete of the Month @heatherj0y! You won’t find anyone else who loves their family more, loves coffee and makes the funniest faces! A beautiful woman inside and out and we love that she’s one of our athletes! 1. What...

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October 2019

Thomas & Sams success story

Thomas & Sam

We have TWO Athletes to celebrate this month – Thomas & Sam! The two love birds are tying the knot in 19 days!! ️They are incredible athletes, give everything they got, and emit positivity to those around them. Our community is excited to celebrat...

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September 2019

Zach D.s success story

Zach D.

Our September Athlete of the Month is guaranteed to make you laugh (or roll your eyes). His love for having the best time (YOLO), fashion, and telling a crazy story is something to beat. He has spunk and is fierce in all he does. We're glad to have him a ...

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August 2019

Charla C.s success story

Charla C.

Meet our August Athlete, Charla! Her birthday is this month, she’s newly engaged, is a Cali girl, loves tattoos, funny selfies, and is a CrossFit machine! 1. What’s your athletic background? I didn’t grow up playing sports. I didn’t even st...

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July 2019

Jeff L.s success story

Jeff L.

This guy might be quiet, but he’s fierce. Pick a spot next to him while working out and he’ll push you to keep going. I’m not sure if he ever takes rest breaks – he might be a robot! Here’s to Jeff Lundgren our Athlete of the Month – a husband...

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June 2019

Amber U.s success story

Amber U.

1. What’s your athletic background? I have only started my athletic journey in the last 1.5 years. I was almost 300lbs and knew if I didn’t change my lifestyle, I would have some major problems soon! I was never athletic growing up even though I pl...

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May 2019

Matt H.s success story

Matt H.

1. When is your baby due? Baby H is due may 11th 2. What’s your athletic background? I've always played team sports. Mostly hockey, football and lacrosse. Hockey was always my main sport and I still play when I can. I also always had a lot of h...

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April 2019

Jennifer Navarros success story

Jennifer Navarro

Meet our April Athlete of the Month, Jennifer Novarro! She’s your typical (or not so typical) busy-working-wife-and-mom who makes herself a priority so she can kick butt for her family! April is also her birthday month! Keep inspiring, motivating and cr...

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March 2019

Gary S.s success story

Gary S.

1.     What’s your athletic background? I played football and was a swimmer in high school and played football in college at Bemidji State. 2.     When did you start working out at CrossFit Osiris? I am one of the founding members at Crossf...

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February 2019

Rebekka M.s success story

Rebekka M.

Rebekka Molenaar will blow you away, challenge your own physical fitness, while encouraging YOU on how much YOU can do!  She’s patient, accepts feedback/coaching and is consistent!  See below to learn a little more about Rebekka: What’s your athlet...

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January 2019

Ian S.s success story

Ian S.

Have you met January’s Athlete of the Month Ian Schlechter, yet?  If not, you’ll instantly like him – wow, is he sweet with kindness and sense of humor.  You can always count on him for a genuine smile and giving it everything he has.  Ian attend...

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December 2018

Stacy M.s success story

Stacy M.

Meet Stacy Moores – Osiris’ December Athlete of the Month!  Stacy has a smile that radiates sunshine when you’re around her and she emits nothing but positivity.  She’s petite, but fierce.  Her fiancé is a lucky guy and she’s tying the knot ...

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November 2018

Rick P.s success story

Rick P.

Meet November’s Athlete of the Month – RICK PETERSON! He is 44 years old, has three kids (Chammi – 21, Riley – 19, Chase – 18) and is getting married in 2019! Rick attends classes 2-3 times a week. He was actually nominated by another member who...

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October 2018

Jessica H.s success story

Jessica H.

This woman right here is a bright and fun spirit, you’ll always see a smile on her face. She listens intently and always has encouraging words to others. Be prepared to laugh when around her, she is SO funny! Jessica is a regular attender at Osiris, is ...

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September 2018

Brenda T.s success story

Brenda T.

Brenda is married to Chris and a mom of 4 boys (Josiah, Levi, Silas, and Judah). To say she stays busy is an understatement! Brenda works full-time at a daycare center where she’s probably the most loved teacher – kids just love her. Brenda started...

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August 2018

Donald G.s success story

Donald G.

A little bit about him: •Married with 4 kids (Donald/24, Angela/22, Jacob/19, Alyssa/17) •He has lost 52 pounds! •Attends classes 4 times a week! It’s common to see Don with a notebook and pencil, being aware and intentional of what he’s d...

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January 2023